Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm sitting in my apartment and with the t.v. on, the clicking of my keyboard, the buzz or receiving a text, and the vibrating of the whole room due to a music blasting kind of night at my neighbor's above me, I began to think about sound. It seems like there really are no more moments of silence in life. I mean when was the last time you just in silence and enjoyed the calmness of it? I know that it's been quite some time for me; I can't even remember the last time I just sat in silence, took a deep breathe, and relaxed.

Sounds make up quite a large part of everyday life it is rare that we anymore focus on the beauty of the quiet. Think about how many sounds make up your day. Music, tv, conversation, the wind, traffic, laughter, the shuffle of footsteps, the movement of anything in your hands, texting, flipping through a book.

Sound is definitely amazing. The whole concept of two somethings coming into contact to create some distinct noise that travels through space to our ear in order for us to hear it. I mean that is crazy. That is such a large, abstract concept that I can't even begin to wrap my thoughts about it.

What sounds are you hearing?

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