Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's [:

Alright, it's New Year's Eve tomorrow which is one of my most favorite days of the year!! [: It may have something to do with my love life.. but that's a story for a different post. [; 
Back to the main point.. New Year's. It's an ending and a beginning and that makes me very happy. The past couple years of my life have been full of many life-changing transitions and as I look back and remember the many things that have happened, I have too many words to express. Through watching my parents go through a divorce and try and sort out their lives, to moving out to college, to falling in-love, to growing up, to many new experiences, I'm just so grateful for each and every moment and I am so excited to what this next year will bring me! 

Things I have learned from this past year:
* Life's too short to hold grudges and get angry over the small things.
* At the same time, people deserve the best and should stand up for themselves; or have someone to stand up for them if they can't.
* I am very excited to get done with school and start my career; I cannot express how excited I am to start working with children who are so special and who I hope to guide through a period of their life!
* I care a whole heck of a lot more than I thought... about most things.
* Part of being in a relationship means to compromise; you'd think that I would know this.. but I think that this past year has taught me what that actually looks like in action. Just loving someone isn't always enough. It's a give and take; It's compromising; It's doing everything you are humanly capable to make that person grow and become the best person they can be.
The main thing I really want to work on for next year is to start living in the moment. I want to be able to stop worrying so much about tomorrow and the future and I want to be able to appreciate the NOW. 

What are you working on in 2012??

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