Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is happiness?

Some say happiness is hard to find.
Some say happiness is a state of being.
Some say happiness doesn't exist.
Some say happiness is just a feeling.
According to Merriam Webster, happiness means..
a.) a state of well-being and contentment : joy.
b.) a pleasurable or satisfying experience.
c.) obsolete : good fortune : prosperity.
Synonyms : bliss . felicity . blessedness . beautitude . gladness
So I guess happiness depends on who is talking. There are moments in my life that I have felt truly happy, as if I would change absolutely nothing and play the scene over and over again to have that feeling back; but I wouldn't say that I feel like that every second of my life. I mean I would say that there are many moments, parts of my life that I was mostly happy most of the time.
I hope that everyone can experience true happiness at least once in their life. At the same time, you have to realize that in order to experience true happiness, one must also experience true pain, suffering, sadness.

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